Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Kicks and Race Recap

Thanks to some friendly motivation/challenge, my friend T and I have decided to train for the legendary Boston Marathon.

This will be my second Boston Marathon, and second as a bandit, but I promise it's all in training to one day run for a favorite charity or cause. 

We just finished up week 8 of training following a rookie marathon plan, and at the end of last week we were scheduled for a 13 miler, and I had the good fortune of running the Hyannis Half-Marathon in the pouring rain.

Yep it was freezing and soggy but it'd be a lie if I said I didn't have a great time! The route was a little hilly, but there was some great views of the ocean, and the strawberry donut at the end made it all worth while.

Not to mention the charming stay with CM at the Chatham Bars Inn the night before! For anyone who runs this race I definitely recommend checking the Inn out! It's gorgeous, and their off-season rates are much more reasonable than summer rates.

After the race we stopped at some outlets for some post race goodies, and I picked up a new (last season) pair of Nike Lunar Mariahs. (Check out this forum for some opinions on the Nike Lunar series). I personally like these better than my last pair of Nikes, because there's a little more structure to the front, and a little more arch support inside. I'll keep you posted as the training runs progress!  

The new kicks!

Finish line - a little over 2hrs in the freezing rain/wintery mix + a bathroom stop!

Mid-week training run on Fan Pier in South Boston

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