Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm back!

Don't know if that title should be quite that enthusiastic.

I'm back to the grind of school & job after a wonderful trip to sunny, beautiful, warm Florida... ugh.

Only about a month left, though, and then onto new and exciting chapters!

Florida was perfect for recharging my batteries. I made sure to get in a long run, jogs on the beach, and lots of resting and relaxation. 

Stretching/posing after 10miles.. need to get that arm straight!

The roof deck was gorgeous and the perfect spot for some stretches. This is my favorite 'bird of paradise' and 'runner's lunge' which really stretches your quad well.
Taking time to smell the flowers :) 
This was right in the middle of mile 7 for us! It was perfect. I think we were well under the speed limit.

Showing my running partner, motivator, and biggest supporter some love.

Paddleboarding! I've been dying to try this. Definitely want to rent some on the Charles this summer.

In something besides workout clothes (which I swear I didn't wear them all trip)!

Sunset on the last night. Missing Captiva already!!

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