Thursday, May 9, 2013

Group Fitness

So, I'm finished with law school.

Well that sentence was a long time coming! Yesterday was my first full day off from school, and it still hasn't really hit me that 3 of the most challenging years of my education are over. With some extra time off before the studying starts again, there has also been some extra time for fitness.

The other day I tried November Project for the first time (check out their website!) and nearly died as I ran the 37 flights at Harvard Stadium. Such a great workout, I've been back to do it once since! NP also runs Summit Hill on Friday mornings right near my apartment, so I plan on joining them for a few of those, too.

CM is training for a Tough Mudder on the first weekend of June, so I've joined him on his training runs. We stop at local schools and use their jungle gyms for obstacles. (Or just act like little kids). It's been fun!
Probably not working hard enough but having fun.

Pull-ups at the jungle gym.

Harvard looking extra pretty at sunrise.

Delicious snack from yesterday: KIND honey-nut granola, vanilla greek yogurt (2% Cabot), honey, and almond butter.