Sunday, March 3, 2013

heartbreak for 14

What a crazy/amazing weekend! 

It's been full of alcohol, food and running.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), not all alcohol has been consumed. I spent the majority of yesterday and today in a special weekend class on OUI prosecution. I am fully embracing my alias - Caity Dent (see Harvey Dent - don't we look alike?) and learning all about how ADAs and Defense Attorneys deal with these charges. Can I be a lawyer now?

As far as consumption goes: I did enjoy some beverages at the Harpoon Festival celebrating the best holiday of the year - St. Patty's! I was joined by CM and the Stonehill girls and we had a wonderful time sipping, swigging, and for some of us swing dancing (SI!) It was nice to unwind a little before this busy weekend.

CM showing some love
Like I said, SI getting her swing on
In food news - CM took me to an un-be-lievable birthday dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak house last night. A weird spot to bring a vegetarian for her bday you say? Not when you can get gourmet barbecue shrimp (or scrimp as CM likes to call them), calamari, and potatoes au gratin. Feeling pretty lucky!

To cap it all off, T and I decided to do our weekly long run along the marathon course today. We set our alarm clocks for 5:30am and met in Cleveland Circle for 6am where we started the 7 miles out to Wellesley and back, including the infamous heartbreak hill. We didn't see a single runner until around 7am. Pretty proud we got a jump on it! (Or that we're a couple of crazies). It was a rough run in the beginning (those Newton hills are no joke!), but it got easier around mile 8, and we chugged our way up heartbreak at the end. It took us a little over 2 hours with a water stop at Starbucks, and we were happy to have it all done before 9am. We rewarded ourselves with a couple greasy Eagle's breakfast sangys! Can't believe we're 8 weeks into training, and can't wait get to the top of Heartbreak in just over 8 more weeks!

Wish I took more pics during the run, but here's the portion of the map we ran (starting at mile 23 in Brookline).

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