Sunday, April 28, 2013

Race Recap - Spring Classic 5k

When CM asked me to run a 5k last week, I immediately declined because finals are right around the corner. (Last one's ever!!! happy dance)

Anyways, he started to talk me into it, so I said, "Okay, I'll run one if the proceeds go to The One Fund." (The charity established by the city of Boston to benefit the victims of the marathon attack - donate. do it.)

He informed me that this one didn't benefit the one fund, so again I declined. Finally, he talked me into it when he said it benefited the Special Olympics (something that hits close to CM's family), aaaaand there was free beer at the end. Okay, I'm in.

So we ran the Spring Classic 5K this morning in Cambridge, and I'm so glad we did!!

First of all, it was a PERFECT day for a race. Sunny, 65 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.

Second of all, I PR'd! When we found ourselves at the very front of the starting line, I decided to really push it and try to run the race competitively (something I don't normally do during any race, never-mind 5ks). Well I ran it in 20:38 (6:38 min miles), and I finished 1st in my age group (19-29), and 4th woman over-all. I was thrilled! I also thought I was going to puke.... the whole time. At about 2.6 our friend AD ran next to me and tried to strike up a conversation. I gave him a look of death and told him to keep running. He helped motivate me to speed it up at the finish though. It was a great flat course, and pretty much an out and back into Harvard Square. Afterwards we enjoyed a free beer ($$$), and then I got some breakfast outside with CM. All in all a lovely Sunday!

Now it's time to hit the books....

I look like a hillbilly thanks to the shadows.. 
CM, AD, and VP - great race buddies!


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  1. Congrats on one amazing race! Your arms look fabulous also!